AFRIMA to boost Africa’s strength through music, culture – Organisers

Organisers of the All Africa Music Award (AFRIMA) said their upcoming award event would aim at promoting the strength of Africa, to tell a positive story through music and culture.

The organisers disclosed this during the 8th edition of AFRIMA’s adjudication process and patrons’ dinner with the jury members held at the EbonyLife Place, in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, executive producer of AFRIMA, Mike Dada, said the organisers are committed and dedicated to using music and culture as platforms to unite, motivate and create a peaceful Africa.

“We are not moving away from the objectives, which are simple – we use music and culture as a platform to unite Africa, to motivate Africa and to create a peaceful Africa.

“We will use culture and music to ensure that jobs are created, more people are employed and more people are taken away from the streets; those are our objectives.

“In addition to that, we use the platform of AFRIMA to promote the strength of Africa and tell a positive story of the continent,” he said.

Dada added that it was a different year and the audience should expect peculiarities, newness and other bumper surprises that Africa was capable of.

He advised that artistes should not be limited by the challenges of the environment and that they should create the doors of opportunities themselves.

“There is going to be light at the end of the tunnel because the opportunities are boundless and there is no limit as to what they can become,” he said.

Bisi Onasanya who hosted the event, expressed enthusiasm at the successes recorded by AFRIMA, noting that the enduring vision of the award body, in conjunction with the AU, will continue to come to fruition.

He said, “This event is to appreciate all the jury members. They are wonderful. They have been very thorough and have given AFRIMA the credibility it has today. They have been working assiduously for the growth of our creative sector. I am very proud to be associated with AFRIMA.

“African music is taking over the whole world by surprise. You go to other parts of the world these days and you hear African music being played. I am always excited, because it didn’t happen a decade ago. The whole world is now respectful of African music, and they are learning from us. This is a great achievement. AFRIMA, last year, was awesome. It was broadcast all over Africa. If you think last year was awesome, just wait until you see what will happen this year.”