Africa Prudential develops cloud-based solution for Africa’s hospitality industry

Africa Prudential has demonstrated its digital capabilities with the launch of “Aura by Transcorp Hotels”, an innovative commercial cloud-based product launched in the Nigerian market.

“Aura by Transcorp Hotels” is an online platform that curates accommodation, staycations, cuisines and memorable lifestyle experiences. The platform was created for Transcorp Hotels, the hospitality subsidiary of Transcorp. It was launched on Thursday, July 8 in Abuja by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja.

Commenting on the launch, CEO of Transcorp Hotels Dupe Olusola said: “We recognise that technology is enabling a wave of innovation, amid greater adoption of digital solutions by consumers and businesses. We are excited about the functionality of the Aura platform, created by the Africa Prudential team. It is an important aspect of our diversification strategy, as we seek to create a hospitality ecosystem across Africa and offer greater value to consumers and our industry.”

The launch of Aura is the latest milestone in Africa Prudential’s digital technology strategy and builds on the successes of other cloud-based solutions created by the company.

CEO of Africa Prudential Obong Idiong said, “Aura is significant in our journey, as a digital technology company. We have come a long way, since we launched our innovation lab three years ago. This platform is the latest evidence of the capacity that we have built, and we look forward to delivering further innovative solutions, that will improve the business experience of consumers and corporates.”

Africa Prudential has created a series of other cloud-based solutions, including EasyCoop that enables traditional cooperatives easily provide member services online. Other solutions include GreenPole, an enterprise register management software, and EasyMall, an online shopping platform.

Aura is an e-commerce platform that enables vendors to offer a range of hospitality services, while consumers are able to pay for the advertised services immediately on the same platform, in local currency. It is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.