Adeniyi Ogunfowoke: 5 ways to stay healthy during Ramadan


Muslims are required to make lifestyle changes to stay healthy during Ramadan when they must abstain from food from dawn to dusk. It can take time for the body to adjust to this new routine. The body begins to react to these changes which should not be ignored.

Although fasting is good for the body, it is important for you to stay on top of health game so that you do not suddenly fall ill. Falling ill may prevent you from travelling to Mecca if you plan to go for the lesser hajj whose package you can buy on Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency or celebrating the end of fasting.

In line with this, the agency shares ways you can avoid any health issues during the Ramadan.

  1. Eat fibre and protein in the morning

What you eat in the morning during fasting is important as it is your last meal before starting your day. Hence, ensure that your pre-dawn meal contains protein and fibre. This will help keep hunger at bay.

  1. Avoid the sun to stay hydrated

To stay healthy, it is better to avoid the sun, and spend all your day in warm places and avoid stressful exercises. You can eat fruits in the morning as the water it contains helps to hydrate the body through the day. Also, do not drink water excessively. Meanwhile, Coffee lovers should quit coffee and tea which can increase thirst and dehydration

  1. Don’t overeat after breaking your fast

Don’t overeat after breaking your fast to make up for what you missed. In addition, avoid food without calories and junk food. This will help you recover lost energy.

  1. Adapt fasting to your health condition

For persons who are suffering from an ailment, adapt your fast to this condition. If you decide to fast, you should consult your doctor to develop a fasting plan adapted to your condition. If you feel any discomfort, you should break your fast.

  1. Get plenty of rest

Abstaining from food will drain your energy, more so if you exercise. Try and get as much rest as possible.