Adeboye knocks govs threatening restrictions over Covid-19 vaccine


General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Pastor Enoch Adeboye says he would take the Covid-19 vaccine if it is required of him to enter any nation to preach.

Speaking on Saturday morning at the church’s monthly Holy Ghost service at the Redemption Camp, Adeboye said he did not ask members of his church not to take the vaccine.

He said, “I never said to you don’t be vaccinated, you have never heard that from me. Rather than living in fear or doubt, get vaccinated. If you believe that getting vaccinated would put your mind at rest, then go ahead.

“Daddy are you saying that you too could be vaccinated? If there are nations in the world that say I can not come to preach the gospel there because of vaccination, I will do anything for Jesus Christ.

“If vaccination is going to hinder me from doing the work that God has called me to do, if they asked me to get vaccinated 10 times, I would be vaccinated.”

Adeboye has been reluctant to publicly endorse Covid-19 vaccine, building speculations that he may not be in support of it.

“Don’t ever say that you hear from me that you should not be vaccinated,” he added.

The highly influential clergyman, however, criticised some state governors mandating the public to take the jab in order to access public places including banks and churches.

“The number of doses available in the country is not even enough for 10 per cent of the total population of the country, how do you then say whoever does not take the vaccine will not be able to go to the bank, church?” he asked.

“it means 90 per cent of the people will not be able to access their money. We will need to go back to the olden days of keeping money, I hope you know this system.

“Well, I believe they just want to make us laugh and you know in Nigeria, we need things to make us laugh.”