Ada Ameh’s sister reacts to backlash over control of Instagram account

Ada Ameh

Abahi Ameh, sister of actress Ada Ameh, has reacted to the backlash from the latter’s followers over the control of her Instagram account since her death.

Ada Ameh’s Instagram account has been linked to Abahi and her husband’s personal account which means that fans of the actress are now able to see the Instagram activities of her sister and her brother in law Hotomobasi Azuma through her account.

The new development got many fans upset. Some of them accused the couple of using the deceased’s death to gain popularity. Others claimed Ada’s family never celebrated her when she was alive.

Responding to the backlash in an statement on Instagram on Wednesday, Abahi said their intentions have been misinterpreted by strangers who want to continue promoting wrong narratives about their family.

The statement read: “The family of Obande Ameh have received several calls and attacks from some followers and fans of Ada Ameh for the collaborations done on her page by her younger sister Ameh Abahi and her husband Hotom Azuma. It saddens us to realise that the public prefer to hear that Ada Ameh has no living family members so that they can sympathise than hear truths from the family members.

“It is obvious to us that our intentions have been largely misinterpreted and twisted by strangers who want to continue to promote the wrong narrative about our family.

“The family stayed quiet on her death for a while till we got her remains back home. During this period, we received several calls of people setting up condolences and opening mourning houses without the family’s consent, while some had gone ahead to declare that she had no living members of her immediate family and signed death notifications on our behalf.

“We thought it wise to collaborate on her page to bring the correct information to her fans who are also grieving. We had no ill motive. Our talk is a way of relieving the pains we feel. You can do well not to add to it. We will give information concerning the burial plans still in collaboration tomorrow for your perusal. We covert all your prayers as a family. God bless you all.”

Ada Ameh died on Sunday July 17, two years after the death of her daughter Aladi. She was aged 48.