Ada Ameh’s death was announced without our knowledge – Family

Ada Ameh

Abahi Ameh, a sister of actress Ada Ameh, has said the latter’s death was announced without her family’s knowledge.

Abahi said this in an Instagram post on Wednesday, July 27.

The woman, who is currently at Ada Ameh’s house in Lagos, said the family has remained strong in spite of the tragic loss. She added that the burial arrangements will be announced soon.

The post read: “Your demise is no longer news. Many have helped us announce without your family even knowing. We’ve remained strong. Since I came to Lagos. All I’ve seen in your house are photographs and your memories. It’s heartbreaking! I constantly check my blood pressure as I wallow in silence. Life is short as it is said. Your life was impactful! You will be remembered for what you have done! Announcements for the candlelight and funeral service will be announced by her family soon”.

Ada Ameh died on Sunday, July 17, two years after the death of her daughter Aladi.

Before her death, the 48-year-old battled with mental health. She revealed she had been dealing with mental illness following the death of her daughter and six siblings.