Ada Ameh: Why I dragged Real Warri Pikin over condolence visit – Etinosa Idemudia

Etinosa Idemudia

Actress Etinosa Idemudia has revealed why she dragged comedian Real Warri Pikin for filming her condolence visit to actress Empress Njamah over the death of Ada Ameh.

In an interview with TVC published on Thursday, Etinosa said was first triggered by a video of Empress weeping while setting up the condolence register. She pointed out that it was wrong to show the actress in her vulnerable state.

The Edo actress added that the video of Real Warri Pikin paying her respect to the dead made things worse as she was reminded of the death of her father.

She said: “I lost my dad not long ago, when u saw the video of someone going to – I first saw a video of Empress crying placing the pictures and flowers and I was like why is anybody recording this lady in this vulnerable moment and in the video there were other people with phones I could see. What kind of generation is this? What kind of people are these? All holding phones, when they could be consoling her. That triggered me.

“I saw another video, someone walking into the place of condolence, there is a camera following the person, like if this person means a lot to you and you are pained about her transition to glory there is no way you would remember someone to take you”.

Ada Ameh died on Sunday, two years after the death of her daughter Aladi.