Actress Sonia Ogiri recounts beef with Mercy Johnson

Nollywood actress Sonia Ogiri has recounted beef with her colleague Mercy Johnson after the latter accused a teacher of bullying her daughter.

Mercy Johnson in a lengthy Instagram post on Friday said that the teacher has been bullying her daughter for two weeks.

Reacting, Sonia recounted her beef with Mercy in an Instagram post on Friday, calling Mercy is a ‘snake’.

In September 2019, the actress called out her colleague over an accusation of bullying.

“When I met Mercy everything was different, for no reason she hated me and she didn’t hide it, she did so many mean things, but I was surprised, I couldn’t lay my hands on why she was doing to things,” she said in 2019.

In the recent post, Sonia claimed that the incident that occurred with Mercy and her daughter’s teacher had vindicated her.

“When I used the word ‘she didn’t like me for no reason I was misjudged and called jealously. A snake will always be a snake. How the narrative has changed.

“I went home and told my husband this person does not like me. May God open our eyes to see the truth. Judgement day coming on all of us one by one. God will always be God, peach out,” she wrote.