Actress who married nine husbands dies at 99

Hungarian-American actress and socialite, Zsa Zsa Gabor, known for marrying nine husbands has died at the age of 99.

She suffered a heart attack and died surrounded by her loved ones and friends at her Bel-Air home in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Her husband, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt told AFP that Gabor didn’t die alone. “Everybody was there. She didn’t die alone,” he said while choking back sobs.

The long-time Beverly Hills socialite had dealt with a number of health troubles after being involved in a car accident in 2002 which resulted in her becoming partially paralyzed.

Gabor fell out of bed in 2010 and underwent hip-replacement surgery July 19 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Her right leg was amputated above the knee in 2011 to prevent the spread of gangrene.

Back in February, the glamorous actress had to be rushed to an emergency room after suffering from breathing difficulties.

Gabor was one of three acting Gabor sisters, all born in Hungary. She never enjoyed the acting success of sister, Eva, of Green Acres fame. But Zsa Zsa, often referred to as the “Paris Hilton of her time” or OG Kim Kardashian, was known for marrying well — and often.

Gabor was married nine times including to hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, Paris’ great-grandfather, for five years. She was also married to actor George Sanders for six years. Both of those marriages ended in divorce.

She married her last husband in 1986 and remained married to him until her death.

Her biggest credits included the movies Moulin Rouge and We’re Not Married.

In 1989, she had a run-in with a Beverly Hills cop named Paul Kramer while driving her Rolls-Royce convertible. She famously slapped Kramer during a traffic stop and was charged with assault. After being found guilty, she was sentenced to three days in jail, 120 hours of community service and ordered to undergo a psych evaluation.

Combined, the three Gabor sisters were married 20 times.

Sister, Magda, also an actress and socialite, died in 1997 at age 81. She also married actor George Sanders, one of her six husbands.

Sister, Eva, died in 1995 at 76.  She was married five times.

Mom, Jolie Gabor, died in 1997 at 100. She was married three times.