Actress Kiekie denies mocking Funke Akindele over marriage crash

Skit maker Kiekie

Actress and skit maker, Bukunmi Adeaga, popularly known as Kiekie, has denied mocking her colleague Funke Akindele over the latter’s marriage crash.

The actress uploaded a funny video on Instagram on Thursday with the caption “How you dance when they serve the person that served you breakfast breakfast.”

The caption raised questions from social media users who believed the actress was mocking Funke Akindele via the caption.

An Instagram user named Kenneth asked: “I hope this post is not in any way trying to mock Funke?”

“Does this comment make sense? Ahh People can be so shallow,” Kiekie replied.

As things got messier, Kiekie was forced to release a statement, denying that she mocked the actress over her marital crisis.

She wrote in parts: “Some of us also don’t pick on people’s issues for attention purposes. I personally do not offer my 2 cents on people’s matters. I’m not a relative so my opinion doesn’t count. Also because I believe an opinion can only be valid if you have all the information regarding the said matter, now how do you have that from your internet point of view. If you are too shallow to comprehend that then seek understanding or shut up. It’s that simple.”

Funke’s husband rapper JJC Skillz left a shocking message for his Instagram followers on the platform on Thursday, June 30, where he announced his separation from the actress.

According to the rapper, the last two years have been difficult for them, adding that Funke asked him to leave the house three months ago.

Speaking further, the father of twins stated that he tried his best to fix things but he believes it is beyond repair.