Actors need stage experience before film – Ufuoma McDermott

Nollywood actress, Ufuoma McDermott, has stated that actors in the movie industry need experience in stage acting before going into film.

In an interview with Premium Times on Wednesday, Ufuoma acknowledged that stage acting is a lot of work because of its lengthy rehearsals to perfect a scene.

“I did film first before I went to stage and I have Bimbo Akintola to thank for that. Stage is a lot of work. It’s not a flash in the pan.

“Unlike film, stage is not ‘Take 1, 2 and Take 7’. Stage is Take 1 and 1 alone. With stage, you have a lot of rehearsals as against when you are shooting a movie.

“With stage, you also need to get the whole script into your head and you also need to know your line fast.

“You also need to know when to improvise because if your co-actor loses his or her own line, your improvisation skills will come in handy.

“You also need to know how to inculcate his or her own lines into yours so that he or she can recollect. It is a lot of work; I will be honest with you.

“With stage, you have contributions to make and if you feel there is something that will make a film better then you should be able to contribute,” she said.