Actor Sylvester Madu confirms ‘Okrika’ business

Sylvester Madu

Actor Sylvester Madu has confirmed he sells fairly used clothes known locally as Okrika.

A video of the actor showcasing fairly used clothes for sale at a market in Enugu State went viral on Friday.

The actor, who has been absent from movie scenes for a while, was seen in the video arriving at the market in his car. He brought out a ‘Ghana-must-go’ bag which contained the clothes.

The viral clip has since elicited different reactions from social media users, with many expressing concern over the financial state of the movie star.

Sylvester, however, took to Instagram Live to showcase he was into selling of fairly used items including laptops and power generators.

The actor knocked his critics, noting he was hustling to pay his bills.

“They don dey craze bad market don catch them,” he said in Pidgin English. 

“That thing that they think is news, let me make it news by myself. Very foolish people, person dey do his hustle instead of you to appreciate am, u are writing rubbish.”