Aboru Aboye: Tope Alabi acts like she’s above everyone —Funmi Aragbaye

funmi aragbaye

Gospel singer Funmi Aragbaye has knocked her colleague Tope Alabi over the latter’s use of the term ‘Aboru Aboye’ commonly associated with Ifa worshippers.

Tope got many talking following the viral video showing her using the term while singing.

However, Funmi, who is also chairman of the board of trustees of the Gospel Musician Association of Nigeria (GOMAN), in reaction to the controversy told PUNCH in a report published on Saturday that Tope acts as if she is above God.

She said, ”Tope Alabi believes she is above everyone and God. She is not a member of GOMAN, nor is she a member of any other gospel association. She believes she is too much for it. She doesn’t belong to anyone, she is neither here nor there.”

Funmi added that the state of the country is the reason many behave the way they do and take God for granted.

The musician said many people only worship God with their mouths, not with their hearts.

She claimed that most people who preach nowadays have no idea of what they are talking about.

Funmi blamed the media for Tope’s success, saying despite ”fumbling for many years, the media continues to promote her.”

The newspaper could not get comments from Tope on Funmi’s backlash.

Tope earlier refused to comment on the issue, stating that it has already been taken to the public.

In 2021, Tope criticised her younger colleague Yinka Alaseyori for referring to God as a guarantor in a song. According to Tope, God is more than a guarantor to man.