Abductors of Abuja-Kaduna train passengers flog them in viral video

Terrorists flog Abuja-Kaduna train passengers

Gunmen who kidnapped Abuja-Kaduna train passengers on March 28 have released a video where the victims are being flogged.

The video which is less than three minutes went viral on Sunday on social media.

In the video, men scream helplessly for their lives as their captors flog them. Women and children were separated.

One of the victims, a male, said the terrorists did not plan to keep them hostage for more than a week, except for the laxity of the Federal Government in paying up the demanded ransom.

He also called on the international community and the United Nations to come to their rescue as the Nigerian government was not showing any interest in setting them free.

The terrorists killed eight on the day of the attack and kidnapped no fewer than 61 passengers.

Managing director of the Bank of Agriculture, Alwan Hassan, was the first to be released after reportedly paying a N100 million ransom on April 7.

Seventy-five days after the incident, the terrorists released 11 persons held in captivity. Tukur Mamu, the negotiator and media consultant to the popular Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, said it was achieved “following a series of robust engagement with the terrorists and with the approval of the Federal Government.”

On July 9, seven of the victims were released after reportedly paying N800 million ransom.

The remaining 43 victims were told to pay N100 million to secure the release of their loved ones.