Abba Kyari removes Facebook post mocking US probe

Abba Kyari police

Deputy commissioner of police Abba Kyari has deleted a Facebook post where he sarcastically said he was enjoying the probe by US authorities over his alleged links to suspected fraudster Ramon Abass aka Hushpuppi.

Mr Kyari was named in a statement released by the United States Justice Department on Wednesday as having received kickback from $1.1m looted by Hushpuppi who is facing fraud and money laundering charges in the US.

The United States attorney’s office, Central District of California, had since issued an arrest warrant against Kyari. However, the inspector general of police in Nigeria on Thursday ordered an internal review of the allegations against Kyari.

Although Kyari had denied the allegations; on Friday night, he wrote on Facebook, “Hahahahaha. This is the funniest one so far, we are enjoying the show.”

As of late Saturday, the post shared by over 600 persons with over 4000 comments had been pulled down.