A rich man or a poor man?

Close-up with KC Ejelonu

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KC Ejelonu QEDBefore I begin, I would like to say this is just my opinion and does not apply to any particular rich or not financially stable men in our society.

I am sure most girls will scream out loud that, “my husband had better be rich oh! I can’t marry a poor man. He has to be established and well made before he finds me”. The honest truth however is that everybody can’t be rich. If you one of such girls, I hope you know the difference between being rich and wealthy? And I do hope you know what that boyfriend or husband of yours does for a living.

Some women who are married to rich men don’t even know what their husbands do for a living; they just know he has an office and he has opened a shop for her, plus her monthly allowance most not stop. In today’s society, you read or hear about a man who is into rituals, cultism, armed robbery and many more diabolic things in the quest for money. They believe they must be rich by force, drive the latest cars, travel to exotic destinations and spoil their wife and girlfriends silly because they want to be praised. As the bible said, the love for money is the root of all evil.

I would use the phrase “not financially stable” when referring to a perceived poor man because, let’s be honest, nobody knows tomorrow.

According to a friend of mine, the not financially stable men are emotionally available, faithful and better in bed I strongly disagree with that position though. My point is that a man will cheat whether he has N20 million or N20 in his bank account.

Some might think the problem with rich guys is that they think their money is a magic wand that can keep you warm in bed. Their ego is often bigger than their head. Dating some rich men comes with its share of headaches and heartaches. Again, being on the arm of a rich guy will land you on the best seats in a restaurant or a bar, and when going shopping you don’t need to look at the price tag because you know your darling wants you looking good every time and your self-esteem increases as you feel privileged to be the chosen one.

There are also some financially unstable men who like to show off and act like they are kings. For instance, I met a young man who is not financially stable but his mouth ran faster than a Formula 1 car. He talks about a lot of idea but he does not put any of them down on paper as he has he claims he has it all in his head. He goes on about how he studied outside the country, and I noticed how he constantly criticises those who are doing something with their dreams and ideas. He says he wants this and that, screams about how he can never accept below a certain amount for a project. Meanwhile our young fellow will be out of a job and without a dime in his account because of his ego. Don’t people like this just annoy you?

There is a trend in the Nigerian society where a young man who comes from a rich family will ask a girl he meets “who is your father”. When I see this happening I laugh because daddy’s money is not necessarily his money and no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Most young men want that trophy wife and you find some young girls doing all sort of things just to make money and belong to the “IT” crowd so they can associate with the high and mighty. We have learned from some Nollywood films how a young lady will abandon her not financially stable boyfriend because a rich man approaches her and asked for her hand in marriage. And few years later, she realises that the rich man is not what he painted himself to be and then she finds out her ex who she dumped is now rich.

Moral of this article is, never judge a book by its cover. You never know what tomorrow holds. Just leave everything in God’s hands and He will perfect everything that concerns you.