7 phone battery myths busted


The battery is the life wire of any phone. Without it, your mobile device will never function.

Due to the importance of a phone battery, there are some misconceptions that you need to discard.

Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares seven of these myths.

  1. Off-brand chargers will damage your battery

The truth is you can use any charger to boost your battery and it will not damage your device. The only thing is that it may be very slow and take longer to charge.

  1. Don’t use your phone while charging

The majority of us have been advised that you must not surf or use your phone while charging because it may weaken the battery. The only time your phone is not working is when you shut it down. As long as it is on, it will need the battery to function. Hence, there is nothing wrong with using your phone while charging.

  1. Turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth extends your battery

The only time Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS drain your battery is when they are not in use. So, do not worry about leaving them on.

  1. Always charge new smartphone fully before using it

Your new phone doesn’t need to charge 100% before use. According to research, smartphone batteries perform better between 40% and 80%. And since most phones are half-charged, you can use them without charging. Take note that most new smartphones come with a 40% battery charge.

  1. Surfing the internet runs down the battery quickly

Surfing or browsing the internet does not drain your battery. This is because browsers like opera mini and chrome are not very heavy in terms of graphics to drain your battery. The only thing your browsing can affect is your data. Although in some cases, if you watch videos online, it may affect your battery.

  1. Task managers prolong your battery life

You have a task manager on your phone to help you manage your apps. It shows you all the apps that are running and the one using the most battery. Despite these, task managers and third party apps don’t affect your battery.

  1. Overcharging will kill the battery

When your smartphone is 100%, it automatically stops charging. That is why it is called a smartphone. They are smart.