5 ways to stay awake during long haul drives


You must have heard of road mishaps that happened because the drivers slept off while driving. It only takes a few seconds for these calamities to occur. There are other circumstances whereby, a driver sleeps briefly in traffic only to be woken up by the irrational honking of fellow road users. This is a frequent occurrence in Lagos traffic. The reason for this is not farfetched. It is because many Nigerians don’t sleep. You arrive home after a long night indulgence at a hotel in Lagos yet, you have to drive to Abeokuta the following day. Not to worry. You can successfully drive to anywhere in Nigeria and still stay away if you apply these tricks to be shared by Jumia Travel. This will help you stay safe behind the wheels.

  1. Make regular stops

You should make frequent stops during a long drive to stretch your legs whether you are alone in the car or not. These stops will keep you alert when you restart your trip. Importantly, be mindful of where you stop. It is better to stop at fuelling stations or restaurants.

  1. Avoid driving after midnight

If you are still behind the wheels after midnight, it is advisable you temporarily halt the trip and lodge in a hotel. Normally, our body is built to sleep around that time. So, to avoid any accident, just search for a hotel wherever you are and pass the night there.

  1. Drive with a friend

This is perhaps the best way to stay awake during any drive. This is because you can chat with your friend and your friend can also take your place whenever you are tired.

  1. Chew gum and let the music play

Chewing gum and music can help you keep your eyes on the road.  So, do not hesitate to buy gum and play your favourite music. It doesn’t have to be music. But at least something should be playing in your car to keep you awake.

  1. Don’t drink alcohol

Many drivers think that drinking alcohol will make them very alert behind the wheels. Yes you may be alert but you be overly aggressive and drive recklessly. By the way, anybody under the influence of alcohol should not drive a car. This could cost the driver and others their life.

Contributed by Adeniyi Ogunfowoke, PR Associate, Jumia Travel

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