5 things every lady needs in her bag

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There are vital things every lady needs to have in her bag always, regardless of the circumstance or situation. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares five of such things.

  1. Hand sanitiser

Having a hand sanitiser in your bag doesn’t mean you’re a neat freak, it just means you value your health. Especially when a lady goes out to a place where she’s unlikely to have access to water for long stretches of time, having a hand sanitizer can help keep a lady keep her hands clean, particularly when it’s time for you to eat. In addition, every now and then you’ll sneeze and likely do so with or into your hands. As a result, having a hand sanitiser in your bag is just so completely necessary in maintaining good hygiene.

  1. Cash

This must be mentioned (even though it’s stating the obvious). If you prefer to remain cashless or you prefer not to have so much cash in your bag per time, ensure you have your debit cards handy at the time. However, be sure to have a little cash in your bag always, just in case debit cards disappoint to avoid being stranded.

  1. Perfume

A lady should always smell good and refreshing (not only ladies, everyone should put effort into smelling good and refreshing). So, having a little perfume in your bag to help keep you smelling good and fresh all day is essential (especially if your job involves any kind of sweating and physical exertion). Carrying a large bottle of perfume around can be inconvenient and it can also break if you aren’t careful, so having a handy and easy to apply perfume in your bag is best.

  1. Mini sewing kit

Wardrobe malfunctions can be a real pain and they can happen at the worst possible time, so to avoid the horrifying embarrassment that comes with this, be sure to have a mini sewing kit in your bag to help you take care of these kinds of emergencies when they unexpectedly occur.

  1. Identification

You must always have some form of identification on you, be you man or woman. This is very important for a host of reasons and you should ensure you don’t forget your means of identification when going out. Even if it’s a photocopy, some means of identification should always be on you because you never know when your identity would need to be clarified.