5 smart ways to travel around Lagos this ember period

Welcome to Lagos

Many Lagosians have unfounded pessimism, myths and beliefs about the ember period. It is widely believed that it is a time when unsavoury things happen due to the fact that the year is gradually winding up. Lending credence to this is the cosmopolitan nature of Lagos which is the heartbeat of Nigeria with a population of over 20 million inhabitants. It is a place where you find the good, the bad and the ugly.

Of course, this should not stop you from traveling or having fun, but your safety should be paramount. So, it doesn’t really matter whatever you believe in, the ember months always witness increased activity buzz in Lagos and Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares five smart ways to travel during these months of September, October, November and December.

  1. Take a bus at the park or BRT

It is safer to always board a bus at recognised parks. However, because of the economic situation and the need to cut cost, some people prefer to jump into any bus notwithstanding whether it is painted in Lagos’s official transport colour which is yellow. As an alternative, you can take BRT or Uber if you can afford it.

  1. Keep valuables properly

Nothing ruins your travel around Lagos like losing your wallet, phone, jewellery and other items to talented pickpocket. Therefore, you should keep these valuables properly to ensure that you don’t lose them. In addition, you may slightly reduce your extravagance and flamboyance this period in order not to get the attention of the wrong people.

  1. Don’t be verbose while talking on phone

Some Nigerians discuss everything on their phones with obvious disregard for where they are and who is listening. A single phone call can disclose the status and life of a Nigerian. So, if you cannot wait to make the call, it is advisable to send a text or instant message.

  1. Reduce or suspend night crawling

Love to party at the night from one club to another? Lagos has a vibrant nightlife and you are guaranteed the best. But as the ember months are here, you may want to reduce your night fanfare or gig or you should be careful where you visit in the night.

  1. Avoid free pickups

The temptation to hop into free pickups offered by private individuals is high. At least, you will be saving transport fare. But, remember your safety is key. So, politely reject free rides from strangers.