5 reasons not to take back a cheater


Finding out that you’ve been cheated on by your partner is truly a horrible feeling. All that trust, belief and what you thought was love, is stripped away and it leaves you feeling like the bottom just dropped out of your world. Some people do try and forgive though, but there are many reasons why you should not.

Here are five of those reasons, why it really is better not to let a cheater back into your life:

  1. You will forever be worrying about it happening again

Forgiving him is almost as good as giving him the green light to do it again. Not all cheaters will re-offend, but you will always be at least a little distrustful. Every time your partner looks at someone else, you’ll wonder what they’re thinking. Basically, you’ll feel like there’s a wall between the two of you

  1. They will never change

If a person cheats on you once, nothing can stop them from doing it again. No matter what their excuse, if they cheated on you once, they’ll find other reasons to do it again even if they blame it on you. After all, if they’re not happy in the relationship, they could always break up with you instead of cheating.

  1. He will never respect you again

If he had respected you at all, then he never would have cheated on you in the first place and. If you let him back into your life again, he will respect you even less. You will be setting a precedent that says that it’s acceptable to lie and to deceive, so the chances are that he will do it again.

  1. You lose your own self-respect

If you take back a cheater, then a piece of your own self-respect will have been taken away from you. Would you advise your best friend to take back their cheating husband? Or would you expect them to have more self-respect than that?

  1. They really don’t love you

No matter what people say about humans not being naturally monogamous, if someone truly loves you, they have no desire to cheat. Someone who cares about you and loves you doesn’t want to hurt you.