5 reasons you should eat garlic everyday


Obnoxious as the smell of garlic could be, it is a very healthy species in the onion genus, allium recipe. It contains lots of vital nutrients including vitamins, amino acids and enzymes.

Garlic can be used for various functions like adding flavour to foods, medicine to prevent diseases and as treatment to some ailments.

Below are some health reasons why eating garlic is indispensable in your daily diet.

  1. It reduces oxidative stress

Garlic contains a high concentrate of antioxidants which destroy free radicals in your system and reduce overall oxidative stress.

  1. It improves immune system

Garlic contains allicin and other antioxidants which help fight infections and also improve immune system.

  1. It reduces cholesterol in the body

Researchers have approved that daily consumption of garlic can reduce cholesterol by nine to 12 percent. This subsequently helps to lower your risk of being a heart disease patient.

  1. It normalises blood pressure

Garlic does not just help reduce your blood pressure; it also helps keep it under steady control.

  1. It prevents cancer

Regular intake of garlic has been linked to help reduce one’s risk from some types of cancer.