5 crazy things women do when they have a crush on someone

First Date couple

Humans have a lot of different ways by which they try to attract a member of the opposite sex. Some people are shy while others are more aggressive which means there is a wide range of strategies employed.

Below are five of the crazy things women do when they have a crush on someone.

  1. They monitor you on social media

This activity is one of the crazy things women do when they have a crush on someone. You can find out a lot about a person by perusing their Facebook page and other social media networks like Twitter and Instagram. Profile information and comments can reveal all sorts of information and countless women throughout the world love to be amateur detectives by examining photos and posts from years past to find out all they can about their crush.

  1. Being nice

Some women believe that doing helpful and thoughtful things will get their crush’s attention. It is fairly transparent but it works a lot of the time too. A nice gesture that women do to really get a crush’s attention is the spontaneous offer of a good meal. Being nice doesn’t seem all that crazy as it is a welcome departure from some of the other confusing signals that women send when they have a crush.

  1. Staring

Men and women both engage in this but women have a knack for being a lot less creepy when they do it. They will stare at their crush and then quickly avert their gaze when their crush looks back. It’s a bit of a cat and mouse game. After a couple rounds of this, the female will lock eyes and quite possibly smile and even blush. It’s basic traditional flirting. She’s not staring at you because you have a wad of a piece of your last meal stuck on your cheek but because she has a crush on you.

  1. Trying to make you jealous

A woman that has a crush on you will sometimes try to make you jealous. She might acknowledge your presence and then proceed to start conversations with other guys. She will laugh out loud at their jokes and occasionally take a short break to send text messages. When she finally gets around to talking to you she might talk about good times with other guys.

  1. Drama

Creating drama is one of the crazy things that women do when they have a crush on someone. She will cry on your shoulder to get your sympathy. She will always have a huge problem that somehow only you can solve. She will fly off the handle because her ex-boyfriend is such a jerk and she will expect you to soothe her. She’ll get all emotional and blather on about how her friends talk behind her back.