5 bad habits that may ruin your relationship

Unhappy couple

The hustle and bustle moments in any relationship is a never-ending cycle of life. There will be days when you and your partner will be at the upstream of your relationship where you will find only love, compassion, and respect for each other. And on the other hand, there will be days when your relationship’s boat will sail at the downstream of the river.

You have to start giving attention to your habits which might be hurting your partner and spoiling your relationship without any substantial reason.

Here are five habits that ruin relationships.

  1. Threatening to leave

It’s totally okay to dislike certain things about your partner and to have deal breakers that will end the relationship but you should never threaten to break up with your partner if you don’t really mean it. A breakup should be something you have seriously thought about. Bringing it up casually is emotional blackmail and unfair to the both of you.

  1. Reporting your partner to your family

Avoid sharing too much about your relationship with your loved ones. Strike a balance between your love for your partner and your love for your family. Constantly complaining about your partner casts him/her in a bad light and turns your loved ones against your relationship.

  1. Teasing your partner wrongly

Teasing can be flirty and cute to an extent. But taking it too far becomes hurtful and demoralising. Only tease your partner about things that are insignificant. If he or she does something that actually bothers you, bring it up in a more serious context. Your annoyance might blend into the teasing so you just end up sounding mean.

  1. Constantly disappointing your partner

Trusting each other is one of the keys to a successful any relationship. The simplest way to build that trust is to follow through on your commitments. Couples should stop promising to do something then change their minds a few hours or days later. You are allowed to change your mind sometimes when circumstances come up. But disappointing your partner too often will make them start having trouble trusting you.

  1. Agreeing on everything

You and your partner can’t agree on everything in life. No relationship is that perfect. You are never going to find someone who agrees with you on absolutely everything and even if you did, that relationship would be boring. Some conflict is inevitable, and that’s totally fine. So pick your battles and don’t let some disagreements ruin an otherwise happy relationship.