4 absurd (but true) things Tevez can do after Chinese mega deal

Argentine striker, Carlos Tevez, has officially become the world’s highest paid football player after signing a whopping $41million a year contract at Chinese club, Shanghai Shenhua.

The 32-year-old penned a two-year deal with the Chinese Super League team, which paid an $11 million fee to his former club, Boca Juniors, for the transfer.

A breakdown of Tevez’s enormous new earning power makes for eye-watering reading. His contract nets him a gross $808,000 a week, $115,000 a day, $4,800 an hour or $80 a minute.

With all that wealth there are few things on earth he would be unable to afford. Here we look at four of the best things he could splash all that cash on.

  1. World’s most expensive car every two weeks

Tevez is known for his exquisite obsession for cars. The former Juventus forward is a proud of owner of numerous wheels including 2014 models of Audi R8, Porsche Cayenne, and Bentley Continental GT. He could just be going a step forward this time by aiming for the 2017 model of Zeno TS1 – which according to Forbes is the world’s most expensive car. The little-known Zeno packs a 5.9-liter V8 with twin superchargers, an estimated 1,100 horsepower, and a top speed of 233 mph. At $1.8 million, Tevez can comfortably purchase this car every two weeks for the next two years.

  1. Pay Premier League champions

Tevez’s new mega Chinese deal means the former Manchester United striker could effortlessly pay the Premier League winners from his own pocket. Aside £54m each team receives from TV money regardless of what position they finish, Leicester City got about £25m for winning the title. Tevez who receives around £34m annually will still have £9m in change if he decides to do that.

  1. Sign all his current teammates

Should Tevez aim at starting his own football club, the Argentine will most definitely be able to sign all his teammates at Shenhua. Former Newcastle duo, Obafemi Martins and Demba Ba, who are the club’s biggest signings cost the Chinese side a combined fee around $15m. While his other teammates all cost less that figure. Meaning Tevez will conveniently sign all his colleagues with about $30m which is his wages for about nine months.

  1. Buy Old Trafford

Though there’s no net worth for football stadiums all over the world, however, estimation could arrive from the construction cost. Manchester United’s home ground, Old Trafford, constructed in 1909 cost £90,000 which is around £9m today. Numerous rehabilitation and expansion work over time valued at £20m took place at the stadium. This brings the total construction cost to about £30m which is still within the reach of Tevez who earns £4m more each year. Imagine the 32-year-old having his former home ground all to himself.