2face, Annie Idibia loved up in new music video

2face Idibia and Annie idibia

Singer Innocent Idibia aka 2face has dropped the music video of his song Smile which features his wife Annie Idibia.

The 46-year-old announced the release of the music video in an Instagram post on Thursday.

In the video, 2face expresses love for Annie. He compliments her smile and charm, adding that he loves everything she does.

Annie gets emotional, blushes as 2face wraps his arms around her.

Annie first appeared alongside fellow actress Yvonne Jegede in 2face’s hit song ‘African Queen’ in 2004 before the couple got married in 2012.

The couple has renewed their commitment to each other after Annie suffered a public meltdown in September, following her allegation that the singer of spending was spending nights with Pero Adeniyi, the mother of three of his seven kids.

She also accused his family of not accepting her.

That degenerated into a family crisis that saw members of their extended families exchange insults on social media.

Annie, however, apologised to her husband, families and others in an Instagram post on her 37th birthday on November 13, saying she was sorry for all the pain and disrespect.