1,739 Americans, Canadians, French, others evacuated in 10 days – FAAN

murtala muhammed international-airport lagos-nigeria

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has said that a total of 1,739 foreigners have been evacuated from Nigeria through the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, since the evacuation exercise began about 10 days ago.

Regional Manager, South-West Airport of FAAN, Victoria Shin-Aba, made this known to journalists on Tuesday in Lagos.

According to Mrs Shin-Aba, since the evacuation exercise commenced with the transportation of French and European citizens by Air France late March, several airlines, including two Nigerian carriers, have participated in the movement of foreign nationals out of the country.

She said: “Delta Airlines from the United States (today) on Tuesday afternoon evacuated 200 Americans at the airport in continuation of the exercise.”

Statistics provided by Shin-Aba indicated that Air France had evacuated 399 French and European nationals; Lufthansa- 238, six Air Peace crew); Middle East Airline (MEA) 140; Ethiopian Airlines – 148, 137 (Canadians), 375 (U.S); Jed Air- nine (Liberians and crew); Air Peace- 87 and Delta with 200 Americans.

She said that the evacuation exercise had been going on smoothly with little or no hitches.

“Though, we had a cancellation some few days ago, but that was not due to anybody’s fault. It was due to logistics of the flight plan,” she said.

“Apart from today (Tuesday), we have had 1,539 evacuations through the Lagos Airport alone.

“Today, United States is having another 200, another batch of Americans will be airlifted tomorrow (Wednesday) and next week, we are having South African Airways and Air France too.

“They can come up with any plan in the cause of the week. That is why we are essential workers.

“We have to ensure that there is smooth running of operations. Nothing is compromised.”