17-year-old goes missing on resumption day at university


A 17-year-old undergraduate Chiedozi Azuike has gone missing on the day he was to resume in school.

His family said the teenager went missing two weeks ago and they are unable to tell of his whereabouts.

Chiedozi had just gained admission into a private university in Enugu before his disappearance.

His former teacher, who was implored to take him to the university, got to their house on December 4 but did not meet him at home.

However, Chiedozi’s mother Maureen Azuike who started noticing strange things before his disappearance said she believed her son was hypnotised.

She added that Chiedozie left the money she gave him and his school documents at home, which gave her the impression that he did not go to school.

“I noticed that someone had used a sharp object to tear my children’s window a few weeks before Chiedozie went missing and the children alerted me to it. I believed he was manipulated out of the house even though I used to quarrel with him if he did something wrong.

“He didn’t have any friend, but two months ago, he told me that he closed his Facebook account, and I asked him why, but he said nothing, but I think some people were disturbing him there,” Mrs Azuike said.

The 35-year-old mother added that she thought he had left for school on his own, only for her to call the school around 3.30pm and she was informed that Chiedozi had not reported at the school.

The state’s police spokesperson Orlando Ikokwu on Tuesday said he was not with the case file as there were two reported cases of missing persons and he did not know the victims’ names offhand. He didn’t answer calls put through to him on Wednesday.