11-year-old boy in police net after stealing sergeant uniform during #EndSARS crisis

An 11-year-old boy is undergoing interrogation by the police after he joined some hoodlums in attacking a police station in Edo State.

The boy collected a sergeant’s uniform during the attack.

Edo police spokesperson Chidi Nwabuzor said the boy was among hoodlums who broke into a warehouse to loot and was wearing the police uniform at the time he was arrested, BBC Pidgin reports.

It was gathered that the boy joined hoodlums in attacking Oba Market Police Station and named himself Inspector General of Police afterwards.

“We caught him wearing a sergeant’s police uniform, that’s all I know,” Mr Nwabuzor said.

The spokesperson said the police did not parade the boy because of his age, although a photo of him wearing the police uniform and sitting on the floor has gone viral.

Nwabuzor said the police would hand over the boy to the correctional juvenile centre as normal procedure for a minor.

Several police stations, warehouses, businesses and prisons were attacked during the crisis.