10 things only people in long distance relationships understand

The phrase, “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is just a statement to keep individuals in long distance relationship from constant wailing. The truth is, not seeing your partner as much as you would like is not fun and can be unbearable sometimes.

If you are in a long distance relationship, here are some of the things you should definitely understand.

  1. You are so attached to your phone

Because the only way to be with your partner is through your phone, you are magically glued to it. You are very conscious of the battery life and always smile at your phone anytime your partner texts you.

  1. You have more time for friends

Having an absent boyfriend/girlfriend means you have time for all your friends and families. You are free to do girls/boys night out and even go to a slumber party. You are the definition of a free bird.

  1. You are a pro at sexting

You are a pro when it comes to the art of sexting. In case you do not know what sexting is, it is the combination of sex and text which means you can have sex via BBM or WhatsApp. Thank God for the invention of Skype, you can even do the deed through video call.

  1. You always event new ways to make your partner blush

Not seeing your partner for a long period of time gives you the opportunity to always invent new ways to make them smile. From throwing a surprise party, to giving them a memorable gift, you always seem to have something up your sleeves.

  1. Your friends never think your relationship will work

Some of your friends think it is hopeless to wait for a man or woman far away from you. The crazy ones might even try to fix you up with someone else.

  1. Fighting with your partner can be frustrating

It can be really frustrating when the only way you fight is through text or phone calls, especially when your partner goes off the rails and decides not to pick your calls or reply your text. At that point you say to yourself, “if he/she were here, I would race over, and knock some sense into him/her”.

  1. A day without hearing your partner’s voice feels like the relationship is over

Your mind automatically harbours the thought that the relationship is over if your partner does not return your call in a day.

  1. You know all the time zone

You are aware of all the time zones because you do not want to call at an inappropriate time.

  1. Spending 10 minutes plus on a phone call is the new normal

For you, having 10 minutes conversation is the new normal. Anytime the call only lasts for about two minutes, you feel there is trouble in paradise.

  1. When you finally see, you never want to let go

That moment when you are seeing your lover for the first time in a year or so is heavenly. The feeling is so refreshing that you never want to let go.