10 signs he might be Mr Right

Black couple smiling

Finding the right man to spend the rest of your life with can be hard work if not nearly impossible. That is not to say there are no signs to determine if your partner is actually the one.

We highlight 10 signs your partner might be Mr Right

  1. You know you are happy

It is essential to note that the most important part of the highlighted sign is- ‘You Know’. This means someone is not telling you, “oh you look happy” or “you are glowing”. Deep within you, you can feel the happiness you have never felt before and this is because of the man in your life.

  1. You completely trust him

The basis of every relationship is trust. If you completely trust your spouse and can even boast about it knowing you will not be disappointed then he might be your Mr right.

  1. He puts you first

A man that is the right one for you will put you first in any and every thing. If you sense that you are his priority he might be the man you have been searching for all your life.

  1. You have things in common

Nothing says life partner than spouses who share things in common. If your partner shares similar interest with you, this is a sign that you might be meant for each other after all. However, the fact that you do not does not mean you are not meant for each other, remember opposites sides do attract.

  1. You feel safe

If your man is the type you are sure will take a bullet for you; sit back, relax and enjoy the ride because no man is more right than one that can keep you safe.

  1. You never have to threaten break up

A man that is the right one will never need you to threaten to end the relationship before he gets his acts right towards you.  If your man is the one, he knows you better than you know yourself and will prevent doing anything that will hurt your feelings

  1. He acts matured

A matured man is someone that can handle his relationship without external parties. He never acts irresponsible and he knows his stand in the relationship. If your spouse has these qualities, you should be thinking of settling with him.

  1. You can be yourself around him

If you can be yourself around a man despite your faults and all, you might have hit the jackpot. You never have to pretend around him. He loves you just the way you are and never shies away from kissing you at 5am when your breath stinks.

  1. He says you are pretty even at your worst

A man that tells you, “you are pretty” even when you feel you are not is definitely a keeper. He gets extra point if he flatters you and says you are more beautiful than Beyoncé or any other female celebrity.

  1. He admits when he is wrong

A Mr right never hold grudges when he knows he is at fault. He admits his wrongs and apologises immediately. He might even give you a gift to calm your nerves.