10 signs your man is stingy


Dating a stingy man can be quite frustrating and also depressing. It affects the relationship in different ways and also changes the way the woman views her man. You can save yourself from the stress of feeling resentment in a relationship by looking out for these 10 signs.

  1. He says he already ate at home

If you know you’re going out to eat, why on earth would you fill up at home beforehand? If he has asked you out for a meal, he should know that it is an experience to be shared. You can eat alone anytime, but sharing dinner or lunch with someone is a special thing. Cheating you out of eating together can be an indicator that he cuts corners in a lot of ways.

  1. He always says he is broke

Since the beginning of your relationship, he has always been saying that he is broke. Even if he doesn’t have a good job or things aren’t going well for him at the moment, he shouldn’t always be complaining about the lack of funds.

  1. He complains about everything

The only time stingy men are completely satisfied with their lot in life is when somebody else is picking up the bills. He complains about almost everything. Even keeping quiet and sulking in the corner of the room is a form of protest about why his money should be left alone.

  1. He is inquisitive about your earnings

Be conservative about guys who are bent on knowing how much you earn, how much you are worth, financial capacity of your family and future financial prospects. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this but when it becomes a reoccurring routine question then you should watch your back.

  1. He talks hurriedly on the phone

Some penny-pinching dudes are so stingy that they are used to timing their call not to pass a very wee time. He’s so much concerned about his airtime that he will try as much as possible to summarise all he has to say. However, when the lady in question is making the conversation longer than expected, he will quickly find a way to end the call and promise to call back but that will be (a few) days later.

  1. He’s happy you will never ask him for anything

Virtually every guy wants a lady that will help economise his expenses and won’t mount financial pressure on him, but some are happier that their girlfriends have never asked them for recharge card or other perishable parameters no matter how she needs it.

  1. He wants you to buy gifts and send money to his family members with your money

He will encourage you to buy gifts for his family members, take the credits and would not do same when it comes to your own family.

  1. He does not buy you gifts

He doesn’t buy you gifts on birthdays, valentine, anniversary, etc. He always has an excuse for not buying and keeps promising to buy for the next occasion.

  1. He makes statement about how his exes spend money on him

He puts you under pressure to outdo what his exes have done in the past

  1. He constantly talks about spending money

If he makes a lot of money related statement of how he spends and you do not see what he spends the money on, then he is most likely a stingy person.