10 signs he is only interested in sex

Black couple in bed

Have you ever wondered if the man who makes your toes curl day and night but offers precious little in other areas is only interested in sex?

Here are 10 signs the answer may be yes.

  1. He is only interested in how you look

While it is flattering that your man appreciates you and how you look, it is also essential that he appreciates your inner qualities (smartness, intelligence or sense of humour). When your so-called man is not interested in the inner part of you but is only interested in how great you look in a dress or how beautiful/attractive you are, you should know only your face or body peaks his interest.

  1. Conversations always turn sexual

When you tell him something like, “babe I had a bad day at the office today” and he goes “oh sorry, you know when I go down on you, you will forget everything that happened”, honey you are just a sex buddy. It is better you think twice before committing your all into an only sex relationship.

  1. He always instigates phone sex

It is not enough that he gets to lay you dirty at home; he also wants it anytime and every time. If phone conversations always end up with “send me a naked picture or a partially nude one”, chances are, that is the only thing he is interested in. A man that cares about more than sex will ask you how was your day on phone and tell you not to stress yourself too much.

  1. He does not take you to his house

Men who are interested in courting you and getting to know you invite you to their apartment. They let you see all of them so they can have all of you. If you ask him “babe can I come over?” and he goes, “oh no sweet thing do not bother, I am already on my way to your house”, there is no denying the only sweet about you is your body. A man who wants a proper relationship picks you up from your house just to take you over to his.

  1. You never go out together in public

This is the BIG sign that says, he only wants sex, if the only date you have is late night at your apartment watching movies and eating food made by you. A man that wants to court will take you to the galleria or fast food, shop with you at the mall and will kiss you in public.

  1. He gets angry if you do not want to have sex

When a man loves your company and enjoys being with you, he just wants to be near you and sex is not a criteria. If your man gets furious and insists on leaving anytime you feel reluctant or too tired to have sex, he does not think you are worth holding off for. A man that loves you will be content with just holding you that day.

  1. If you never see him or his call during your period

A man that is only interested in sex makes sure he is not around doing your menstrual cycle because he knows he will not be getting any action. In addition, he does not need to deal with the whole cramp saga. But a man whose intention is to love and care for you, wants to know how you are faring even when your hormones are off the roof.

  1. He is not interested in foreplay

Every woman loves foreplay but only men with intimate feelings for their woman enjoy the act of foreplay before sex. If your man is not interested in the touchy feeling of kissing and touching everywhere before sex, his main objective is pretty obvious, he only wants sex. A man not interested in this only sees you as a sex object.

  1. He does not cuddle after sex

That moment when all you want to do is lie down in the arms of your man is described as heavenly. However, if he is not interested in cuddling, talking with you or spending the night after sex, it is obvious he never wants to look at you when he wakes up in the morning. This means there is little chance he wants a long term relationship.

  1. You sense you are a booty call

Like the saying goes, you cannot be deceived by your own mind. If you sense you are a booty call, trust your guts and leave the senseless relationship. However, if he is also your booty call, continue, it is Tit for Tat.