10 reasons you are still single


The late 20s and early 30 is the period when many ask “why am I still stuck in singledom”? Here are 10 possible answers to that question.

  1. You want more than you can have

There is nothing wrong with wanting a particular thing or having a checklist of exactly what you want but remember finding a man is not like going to the grocery store and you cannot just pick one that matches your criteria. To be in a relationship you have to learn to compromise. Having thoughts like she is too high standards or he must own a house on Banana Island will get you nowhere. Always ask yourself if the criteria in your checklist are realistic. And more importantly, ask if your criteria will get you a man or woman that will make you happy.

  1. You play too hard to get

Playing hard to get is every woman’s desire because once you say yes, the constant wooing stops immediately. However, when you play too hard to get, there is every probability that the man will stop being interested in you. Let us be honest, there are many fishes in the sea.

  1. You desire the wrong man/woman

If you ask some girls who their ideal man is they simply say Justin Bieber, the men just say Kim Kardashian. That actually means he must be very cute and she must be much endowed. The problem with this is that a very cute man can get any girl he wants which means you are just part of the long list of girls dying for him. If you wait for him to really notice you, you might be older than a grandma before you get married. For the men, she has tons of men wooing her and most times those men possess things you can never give her.

  1. You are still in love with your ex

Women who still feel any form of emotions for their ex-boyfriends find it very difficult to move on. The thoughts of an ex will keep you from investing in another relationship. It is advisable to wipe all slates clean and forget about the touchy feeling with the ex before you can move on with another person.

  1. You are a bad listener

Some of us are just really bad listeners and this does not help our relationship status. If your partner realises that you are divided and do not really listen to what he or she has to say, then what is the point in being in a relationship?

  1. You give up easily

You are not the patient type. Once there is a little problem in the relationship you tend to hit the brakes immediately. This attitude is not going to give you a steady relationship and is probably one of the reasons you are still single.

  1. You look too desperate

There is a reason the phrase “you reek of desperation” exists. It is because of people who act too desperate to get a man or woman. Believe it or not, men do not like women who act too desperate. On the contrary they fancy women who make them work for the relationship. Women on the other hand feel any man who acts desperate is definitely not up to their standards.

  1. You do not actually want a relationship

Whether you admit it or not, you may actually be single because you want to be. You may enjoy going out with girlfriends and playing the field. You may not want the attachment of a serious partner or you may just not be very good at commitment. In any case, some people who are single really just want to be single.

  1. You see yourself as independent or work too much

Most women want to be NeYo’s Miss Independent and do not like to be told what to do. They also think they do not need a man to achieve anything in life. While this belief might be inspiring it might also be a cause for your single status. For the men who focus too much on work and do not have time for their lady, some women find it hard to be in a relationship where they are not given attention.  Thus, the reason men like that are still single.

  1. You believe all men/women are the same

This is probably the oldest phrase in the book. Because of a bad relationship you generalise men and simply say they are all the same. You find it hard to look at a new man and not see your old fling in him. This can prevent you from investing in a new relationship.