Up and coming actress Francisca Choji is dead

Up-and-coming actress Francisca Choji is dead.

Francisca’s death was recently announced by her friends on Facebook.

According to reports, the actress’s body was found at Rayfield Resort hotel in Jos, Plateau State on May 1.

Mourning the deceased, her friend Kenny Joy wrote: “If we had the courage to question God we will ask him just one word which is “why” but it is not in our place to do so, he knows all that, I still can’t live with this but then I have no choice, we miss and will always miss you rest on and let you cold body fight for your death if truly, your life was taken by man.

“And if not then it’s a rest in peace and God have mercy on your beloved soul Doris Mafeng, Choji (Francisca)
Good night mummy.”

Another friend Confidence Boyo uploaded photos of himself and Choji, saying, “Is this happening? Just cant believe it.RIP baby.”

According to her Facebook profile, Francisca was also a dancer, singer and model.