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Close-up with KC Ejelonu

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KC Ejelonu QEDI called it “The case of the ex-files”. There I was minding my own business when two of my exes came running back. Shocked I must say I was. Ex A’s mother said no to him marrying me because I am an actress…well your loss. Ex B was just a nutter. You know the type when you look back and say to yourself “did I date him”. Exactly!

Both parties wanted another chance. I knew Ex B was a NO NO…And for Ex A, he apologised, but I couldn’t figure out why. Because when his mum said no, he took her side and left me out in the cold. So apologising now just got me lost. Anyway, I accepted his apology and the next day he is calling me “Babe”. I thought to myself, “Is this man for real?”

I had once a very lengthy article about this, and then I thought to take a break and browse through the Internet. Then I found a write up from Regina Askia Williams…Enjoy.

There are people around us who will not stop trying ish. You call a tete-a-tete and ask really what the problem is and they swear by all heavens they have no issues with you and try to tell you it’s in your mind, but at every turn you all but fall into a ditch they dug or a set up they spurn. You then apologise for whatever it is that is causing them the annoyance and inducing such a reaction towards you but they keep coming at you relentlessly with new improved bull *ish. You avoid them, stop all interactions but they mistake your silence for weakness.

Who are these people? They are those who spin tales to colour you bad at your job, those who carry falsehood to the paparazzi, those who blinded by jealousy and the “who she think say she be syndrome” make it a priority on their agenda to put you in a poor light. Those that keep coming at you, coming at your family (the relentless side chick) or coming at your children (big mistake on their part) and all the constant annoyances that keep digging at your heels.

Let’s step it up a notch and go supernatural to include, the hex conjurers, the evil eye marauders and those who keep at you in your dreams. (Please stop running in your dreams. …. Fight back).

In Africa sometimes people could walk up to you as seers or prophets and tell you, “Look, you are going to die by Dec 14th”. Can you beat the stress that follows? You might even kick the bucket way before the purported expiry date from worrying about it.

If you can identify with this story so far take a deep breath and feel peace as you exhale. First of all you should feel flattered that so much time and energy is directed towards you by these weak willed individuals. However you do not want to be at the receiving end of such negativity so right at this moment as you exhale and breath in God’s peace, get ready to turn the tables around.

Realise that your life is guided by an internal locus of control. IT’S ALL IN YOUR HANDS. No amount of water can sink a ship unless we let it in. In the physical, you need to be proactive in making the best choices preferably guided by the motto “for the greater good”. The consequences of such choices are attended with greater blessings.

On the emotional level, a positive mental attitude, guarding your thoughts and forever hoping for the best outcomes is your best bet. Whatever you expend your thoughts on is what you call into your sphere. Also remember your thoughts definitely impact on your biostatistics, heart rate, blood pressure, adrenalin levels, etc… You are eventually what you THINK.

On the spiritual level, for those of us who believe in a higher power, key in. Be sure your hands and heart are clean and you feel no hate nor vengeance nor fear because all that only gives power to the negativity. All you want to do right now is return that energy to source and turn the table around. Meditation and prayer go a long way. For turbo charged results add some fasting to the mix. Psalm 35 v8. Psalm 109, Ephesians 6:17, (Hopefully I got those right).

When you have done all that is in your power to do, let go and let God. Put it all out of your mind and watch God’s hands move mightily on your behalf. When the changes come, remember to send up a quiet “Thanks be to God”. May we all walk in peace and love and may God’s protection rest with us all as this year draws to a close.