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Wangboje: Ode to master print maker

Nigeria’s first professor of fine art and former deputy vice-chancellor, University of Benin, Prof. Solomon Irein Wangboje (1930-1998), would have been 90 years in...

Uche Okeke honoured on 86th posthumous birthday

Late painter and poet, Uche Okeke, has been honoured on his 86th posthumous birthday. Okeke, who played a pioneering role in evolving a fine art curriculum at...

7 things to know about artist and poet, Uche Okeke

The tragedy of ancient black civilization was the fact that so few of what the ancients knew was written down and whatever is not written down...

Uche Okeke: Plaudits for poet, painter and prophet – Toni Kan

Book title: Art In Development – A Nigerian Perspective Publishers: Iwalewa House Year of publication: 2019 Pages: 175 In reflecting upon Uche Okeke’s paintings, poems and drawings collected under...