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UB40 founding member, Tope Babayemi, meets former band mates in US

Nigerian-born founding member of British reggae group, UB40, Tope Babayemi, has met his former band members who are currently on a US tour.

Why I left UB40 – Tope Babayemi

Founding member of British reggae group, Tope “Yomi” Babayemi, tells QedTV how he joined the group and why he left before they...

Singing our own song?

Different aesthetics with Tope Babayemi Twitter: afinjuadaba We’ll fight for the right to be free  We’ll build our own society  We’ll sing, we will sing  We will sing our...

UB40 founding member joins Qed.ng

Tope Babayemi, a founding member of British reggae and pop band, UB40, has joined Qed.ng as an arts and culture columnist beginning from Friday,...