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Italian on shooting spree blames suspected Nigerian murderer for action

A far-right supporter suspected of wounding six Africans in a shooting spree in central Italy said the "trigger" for his attacks was the murder...

Nigerian asylum seeker arrested over murder of German woman in Switzerland

A 27-year-old Nigerian asylum seeker has been arrested by Swiss police in connection with the murder of a volunteer at the centre run by...

Nigerian activist held in solitary confinement in Japan

A Nigerian asylum seeker and activist is being held in solitary at a Tokyo detention centre, a case that has highlighted a growing crackdown...

Hundreds attend funeral of Nigerian killed in Italy

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral Sunday of a Nigerian migrant who was killed by a right-wing football fan in a racist attack which...

Italian arrested for beating Nigerian asylum seeker to death

Police in Italy on Thursday arrested a man suspected of killing a Nigerian refugee in a racist attack that has shocked Italy, further fuelling...