Police probe viral video of ‘officer’ smoking shisha

Mohammed Adamu IGP

The Nigeria Police Force say they have begun investigating the viral video of a man in police uniform smoking shisha also known as bubble smoking.

In a Twitter thread on Sunday, the police said the character portrayed by the shisha-smoking man does not reflect the persona of the force.

“The Nigeria Police Force has commenced investigations into the viral video showing a man wearing what appears to be a Nigeria Police “uniform” smoking shisha,” the police said.

“The investigation will amongst other things seek to forensically establish the authenticity of the video, the true identity of the man in the uniform – whether he is in fact a policeman, an impostor or an actor in a movie scene.

“However, while not being prejudicial to the ongoing investigations, it is necessary to state that the character exhibited by the man in the uniform is not a true reflection of who we are as a regimented law enforcement agency – our trainings, discipline, norms and tradition.”

The police also requested assistance from the public via its social media platforms.