Chioma Ifemeludike joins Stephanie Otobo in fight against Apostle Suleman

Actress Chioma Ifemeludike has joined Canada-based Nigerian singer Stephanie Otobo in her fight against the founder of Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Johnson Suleman.

The actress stormed Instagram on Tuesday to react after Suleman broke his silence on the fresh allegations against him by Stephanie.

Angered by the Apostle’s statement, Chioma accused him of committing sexual immorality, she claimed that Suleman sleeps with young girls old enough to be his daughter.

“Joker!!! Oga Nobody is after you. If truly you are a man of God, All you have to do is accept your wrongs and stop trying to project yourself as a perfect human.

“You put that girl through a life and death situation and heaven will work against you if you don’t confess and seek the face of God. You claim to serve God and commit sexual immorality like no man’s business, you hook up with young girls old enough to be your daughters, girls you should be bringing closer to God.

“There is something definitely strange about your behaviour and if we had a functional government you should be investigated thoroughly.,” she wrote.

Speaking further, Ifemeludike condemned her colleagues for supporting Suleman. She also accused them of recruiting ‘ignorant’ young girls for him.

“Woe to you and everyone supporting and trying to cover up your evil including all the actors and actresses recruiting ignorant young girls for you,” she wrote.